Friday, August 16, 2013

It's Easy Being Carolina Green

Start the fall semester with a quick refresher on how you can help Carolina have the greenest year yet. Get an A in Sustainability by: 

1. Recycling aluminum and steel cans, plastic and glass bottles, #2 and #5 plastic tubs, phone books, card stock, junk mail, magazines, newspaper, cereal boxes, frozen food boxes, and softcover books. Carolina separates recycling so bottles, cans, and plastics go in one container, mixed paper in another. Read more »

2. Saving energy. Turn off lights and appliances when leaving the room, close the sash on fume hoods in the lab, and dress appropriately for the season. Set the thermostat to 76 degrees in air-conditioned spaces and 68 degrees in the winter. Read more »

3. Conserving water. Take five minute showers and turn off the water while brushing your teeth.

 4. Getting on board with alternative transportation. Ride a bike, take the bus, walk or carpool. 

5. Reporting energy and water leaks and inefficiencies. Let Energy Management know when you spot a waste by emailing