Friday, January 24, 2014

2013 Strategic Energy and Water Plan Now Available

2013 marked a year of significant accomplishments in UNC’s energy and water conservation efforts. Energy consumption per square foot has declined 33% since FY 2003 while potable water consumption per square foot has fallen 60% since FY 2000. Other key highlights include:

  • Cogeneration systems efficiently produce both steam – used for heating, humidification, domestic hot water, sterilization, and making distilled water in laboratories – and one-third of the campus peak electrical load. 
  • The new generator at Carolina North converts gas from the Orange County landfill into electricity for the grid. During the first five months of operation, the generator used 42 million cubic feet of landfill gas, and generated over 2.5 million kilowatt hours of power. 
  • Two new laboratory buildings— the Koury Oral Health Sciences Building and the Genome Sciences Building—are designed for minimum energy intensity and are LEED Gold certified. 
  • An integrated non-potable water system, including reclaimed water, stormwater, and condensate, supplies over 175 million gallons of non-drinking water for cooling tower make-up water, toilet flushing, and irrigation. 
The full 2013 Strategic Energy and Water Plan is available online.