Friday, September 26, 2014

New Rankings Showcase Sustainability Initiatives at Carolina

The Sierra Club’s 2014 “Cool Schools” annual sustainability report ranked Carolina 15th out of 173 participating colleges and universities. Carolina was recognized for water reduction and energy savings, and overall, placed first in the state. The University of California Irvine was rated the Number 1 coolest school in the country thanks to its water-recycling program, on-site solar power projects, and summer institute for sustainability leadership. The “Cool Schools” ranking serves as a guide for prospective students to compare schools' commitment to sustainability. 

Best College Rankings published an online list of “100 Colleges Doing Green Right,” which showcases how sustainability-focused college websites communicate with students. The report recognized Carolina’s interactive sustainability map and Climate Action Plan as notable campus sustainability initiatives. reviewed the sustainability efforts of top football universities, with Carolina ranking 6th out of 25. The review highlights the Rameses Recycles Program for providing recycling to tailgaters, educating fans, composting food waste, and separating trash and recyclables during clean-up.