Friday, May 8, 2015

Carolina Serves “Food for All” as Next Campus Theme

All areas of campus will come together at a common table to examine food and food studies as the 2015-2017 university-wide academic theme. “Food for All: Local and Global Perspectives” will examine wide-ranging topics including food cultures and nutrition, food security, world hunger, agricultural economics, resource management, sustainable development, climate change and international trade. “‘Food for All’ is the perfect successor to the ‘Water in Our World’ theme,” said Chancellor Carol L. Folt. “With alliances like UNC’s College of Arts and Sciences, the Global Research Institute and the UNC Nutrition Research Institute, Carolina can leverage its world-class resources to guide our focus on food over the next two years. Through this initiative, we can bring our community together to address this global issue that plays a critical role across many facets of our society.” A multidisciplinary committee including faculty, staff, students, and community partners will motivate conversation and research about food-focused scholarship and public engagement. The committee will also encourage and support food-related activities, such as new courses, digital humanities projects, film and documentary work, speaker series, scholar and artist-in-residence programs, performing arts events and local and regional service projects. The committee will be led by co-chairs Alice Ammerman and Marcie Cohen Ferris, both UNC-Chapel Hill faculty members with diverse experience and deep-rooted interest in food issues and food studies. Read more »