Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Carolina Installs New Solar Features

The FPG Student Union is now outfitted with a 19.8 kw solar array, donated by Strata Solar, North Carolina’s largest utility scale solar installer. Funding to install the panels was provided by the Renewable Energy Special Projects Committee (RESPC), which allocates the $4 per student per semester green energy fee. You can see the panels from the top floors of Davis Library. A monitor will soon be installed in the Student Union to track the output of the photovoltaic panels. 

Also new to campus are Powersol solar umbrellas installed near the Pit and at other spots around campus, including several residence halls. Affixed atop the umbrellas, solar panels power a charging station that offers three USB ports at each table. Take a seat and catch a quick charge on your electronic device. This project was also funded by the RESPC, as well as Carolina Dining Services and Student Stores. Read more »

BigBelly solar trash compactors were recently installed in high-traffic areas on campus including around the Pit, on Polk Place, and at the Medical School. These solar-powered, compacting trash cans and recycling bins increase the efficiency of trash collection. Each BigBelly station sends Grounds Services an email to let them know when the bins are full. Read more »