Sunday, October 2, 2011

Volunteer- UNC

The Environmental Capstone Program, in conjunction with the Orange County Department of Solid Waste Management, is recruiting student volunteers to serve as UNC Recycling Ambassadors. 
Ambassadors' duties will include monthly collection of tenant's recycling from a designated complex, the sorting of recyclables into bins visible to residents, distribution of recycling receptacles and literature to tenants, posting signage, and attending recycling awareness events. The capstone group will provide all necessary materials, in addition to training Ambassadors in recycling sorting and the handling of contaminated recycling. Upon application, Ambassadors will be assigned to a local student or family based apartment complex based on the schedules of applicants, recycling pick up dates, interest in working with certain demographics, and ease of transportation. Ambassadors will receive service hours for time dedicated to the program, and will need to provide personal transportation to the assigned complex. Interested applicants should email for more information.