Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars are slowly but surely replacing gas guzzlers on the road. But what if every American swapped their SUV for a more fuel-efficient vehicle today? The writers at Consumer Car Reviews researched the issue to find out, and put together the data in a visual form to document the impact.

While hybrids generally cost more than a equivalent car, most owners will make up the cost quickly thanks to gas savings and state and federal rebates. Because Americans drive so much in one year, the environmental savings could be even greater. As the graphic illustrates, if every American drove a hybrid, we could save over 715 million tons of CO2 emissions from polluting the atmosphere, the equivalent of the emissions of Canada and the UK combined.

Electric and other alternative fuel vehicles are likely to have an even greater cost-savings and CO2 reduction, so the sooner the country transitions to these new technologies, the sooner the savings for the pocketbook and the planet can begin.

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